2008 Ducati GT1000 Cafe Racer by Houston Superbikes

2008 Ducati GT1000 Cafe Racer by Houston Superbikes

 2008 Ducati GT1000 Cafe Racer by Houston Superbikes


It’s not the first, but it’s a very nice one

( even if ….WTF with the diamond shaped red color stitching !)

Bravo !



Technical Specifications:

  • DucaBike Red Billet Crank Case Breather
  • DucaBike Gold Timing Cover
  • DucaBike Black Frame Plugs
  • DucaBike Red Front Axel Nut
  • DucaBike Right Engine Cover
  • DucaBike Steering Stem Nut
  • Ducati Performance Race ECU
  • Ducati Performance Air Box
  • Ducati Performance Red Chain
  • BMC Air Filter
  • Ohlins Road and Track Forks
  • Ohlins Twin Rear Shocks
  • Rizoma Front & Rear Pegs
  • Rizoma Rear Spools
  • NCR Oil Cooler
  • QD Ex Box Evolution Exhaust
  • Carbon Fiber Belt Covers
  • Carbon Fiber Fork Adjusters
  • Carbon Fiber Chain Guard
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Hugger
  • Carbon Fiber Key Guard
  • Brembo Racing 19 RCS Clutch Master Cylinder
  • Brembo Racing 19 RCS Brake Master Cylinder
  • Brembo High Performance Front Floating Rotor Kit
  • Brembo High Performance Billet Caliper Kit
  • Driven Clip-Ons
  • Pirelli Super Corsa SP Front and Rear
  • Custom Ducati Leather / Suede Seat
  • Custom Integrated Café Racer Tail Light
  • Corse Dynamics Upper & Lower Triple Tree
  • Kineo Ducati Tubeless Spoke Wheels
  • Kineo Rear Sprocket
  • LighTech Keyless Gas Cap
  • CRG Bar End Mirrors Lane Splitters



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